Aboard the Forever Ship

There are things in the universe which no one can explain...

Aleksei Ivanovitch
I recently graduated from Maryville College with a BA in Theater Studies, a minor in Medieval Studies, and *almost* a minor in German. I say almost because I was six credits short, but that's neither here nor there. I'm a theater techie, writer, and wannabe photographer. I like doing tech more than acting for reasons that only another techie would understand, but there are times when I'll get on stage. Usually it's when Willie the Bard is being done. (That's Shakespeare for all you mundane people.)

I'm in the SCA, and have been so for eight and a half (ish) years. I have a Russian persona, possibly altering it slightly to be Finnish, from the 13th century named Aleksei Ivanovich. I am a fencer of both modern and period swords, and consider myself somewhat proficient with them. I also practice Satori-Ryu Iaido, which includes traditional Iaido, Iaijutsu, Kendo, knife fighting, Jo-do, Katori Shinto-Ryu, and Isshin-Ryu Karate conditioning. I have also recently started as a practitioner of Chen Style Tai Chi, open hand. I'm also a fair hand with a saber, highland broadsword, longsword, and most anything with a blade.

As I said, I'm a writer as well. Currently unpublished, but that will (I hope) change once I finish the story I'm working on. I started it five years ago with the intent of making it one book. It's since expanded to two (at least) books. I finished the first one, at ~170,000 words, this past spring and am currently working on the sequel. That is... when I can keep myself from getting distracted by any of the other story ideas I have...